A Little Life

There are no words that can do this book justice, other than READ IT!

It is hauntingly beautiful – a deep character study into the life of Jude St. Francis.

Your heart will be ripped out, ripped up, and pieced back together, but never quite as whole as it was before you started.

You won’t ever forget this story, and you will feel all the feels – love, hope, despair, hurt, anger, sadness.

Reminiscent of The Heart’s Invisible Furies, Jude and Cyril are characters I will never forget and will forever love.

Their stories teach the reader important lessons about life – empathy, love, compassion, kindness, understanding, acceptance.

(Literally, the only criticism I could make of this book is the cover…it’s just not my favorite.)

Do your reading life a favor and read at least on of these titles this year. Don’t let the size or subject matter intimidate you – all are totally worth it!

This book is definitely for fans of A Heart’s Invisible Furies and A Secret History.


The Broken Girls


When an old, abandoned boarding school is purchased and a massive remodeling begins, the secrets of the past begin to rise up as well. Idlewild Hall has always had a stronghold on Fiona, now a journalist, because it’s the place where her sister was found murdered. With the restoration under way, Fiona decides to write a feature article on the project in order to dig deeper into the mysterious death of her sister, Deb. But as she heads into her investigation, she will uncover more than just information on Deb.

What I loved about this book was that there were multiple stories going on within the main, present-day plot. Not only is the reader trying to figure out what exactly happened to Deb twenty years ago, but they’re also submerged into a mysterious disappearance that occurred over fifty years ago. Was one of the boarding school girls killed or did she runaway? Was there a ghost haunting the girls at Idlewild Hall, and is the ghost still there? Who is she and what’s her story?

Surprisingly, St. James does a great job of handling all of these subplots. While they are all separate mysteries, eventually St. James weaves them together in the most epic way. Some twists I saw coming; some I didn’t. I loved St. James’ writing style and had a hard time putting this one down.

It releases on March 20, 2018, so mark your calendars – you won’t be disappointed!